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فیلم بستن شکاف تأمین مالی در نشوا: CDBG و HOME

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فیلم بستن شکاف تأمین مالی در نشوا: CDBG و HOME

Title:Closing the Funding Gap in Nashua: CDBG and HOME برنامه ریزان در سراسر ایالات متحده، برای بازسازی خانه های سالمندان و خانواده های جوان، سرمایه گذاری مجدد در مرکز شهرها و انتقال خانواده ها به فرصت، به برنامه های بودجه فدرال مانند کمک های بلاکی توسعه اجتماعی (CDBG) و برنامه مشارکت سرمایه گذاری خانه (HOME) […]

Title:Closing the Funding Gap in Nashua: CDBG and HOME

برنامه ریزان در سراسر ایالات متحده، برای بازسازی خانه های سالمندان و خانواده های جوان، سرمایه گذاری مجدد در مرکز شهرها و انتقال خانواده ها به فرصت، به برنامه های بودجه فدرال مانند کمک های بلاکی توسعه اجتماعی (CDBG) و برنامه مشارکت سرمایه گذاری خانه (HOME) تکیه می کنند. سارا مارچانت، AICP، توضیح می دهد که چگونه CDBG و HOME تأثیر مهمی در نشوا، نیوهمپشایر دارند. آیا می خواهید درگیر شوید و به حمایت از این برنامه ها کمک کنید؟ بازدید کنید https://www.planning.org/policy/ برای یادگیری بیشتر (برچسب‌ها برای ترجمه

قسمتی از متن فیلم: Hi I’m Emily pausing with the American Planning Association and I’m joined today by Sarah Marsh Aunt Sarah is the community development division director for the city of Nashua and New Hampshire Sarah’s also the chapter president of the northern New England chapter of the American Planning Association Sarah

Thanks for joining me today thank you for having me so your community is the second largest city in New Hampshire and you’ve done a lot of really fantastic work with various community development programs so why don’t we start off today by by talking about why is federal

Support of those programs so vital to the growth of Nashua so the federal support that we get from CDBG and home programs is really essential to many of serving our most vulnerable population so those funds go directly towards supporting a lot of the area nonprofits things that support people with domestic

And sexual abuse they go towards youth programs youth services after-school programs which are really critical and many other helping people get back on their feet type of programs so those are some direct recipients of those funds that we partner with many of our local nonprofits on some other ways we use

Those funds are for economic development they go to our revolving loan program which gives small loans to small businesses to keep them moving or to close a gap in financing to get them on their feet so we have a lot of innovative programs that way that we’re able to leverage those federal dollars

To really reinvest back in our community another good example is through the home program is through being able to do housing rehab we have an example that came up this past year is a gentleman who hadn’t been able to take a real bath in his house for years because he was

Wheelchair bound and his wife couldn’t get him in and out of the bathing facilities they have so we were able to level some leverage from home funds to help them redo a bathroom so that he can have adequate bathing facilities in his house and can really has really been a life-changing thing

And it wasn’t huge dollars but it really helps people be able to stay in place in their communities and to live efficiently so we’ve been able to do many different kinds of things like that so I’m sure there are many examples of in in addition to what you just shared

With us of how these dollars are being used in your community any other stories that come to mind for either CDBG or home specifically yeah so we have a recent CDBG story for us was a Vietnamese family who was living in the city and they have a house that they’ve

Purchased and it’s a mom and dad two teenagers and a ten-year-old son and they had an issue with their sewer line and so they called a friend to come fix it for them and they paid $3,000 to have their sewer line fixed and not only did

It not fix the problem and they also did the work without any permits of course and so they were they were literally not able to use they were using water very sparingly and they weren’t able to use their bathroom facilities and they ended up calling a local person to clear the

Drain and that person is familiar with our programs and referred them to us they were able to put a camera down the line and found that the clog was all the way out under the driveway almost to the street so it still wasn’t the city’s

Side it was still their side and it was just too big of a project for them to really understand and manage and it was it was it became very complicated so they were able to come in the father came in with his son who was able to

Translate for him we got him into the program with a zero interest loan and we were able to manage the project which became very complicated in that once we started actually doing the work their neighbor’s drain tied directly into theirs we had to go underneath the concrete porch it was something that was

Way beyond their capacity to handle but through the CDBG program those funds we were able to provide that service managed the whole program very effectively and get it all done so that they are they are fully able to use house and enjoy that property and have the safe clean sanitary living

Conditions and all due to CDBG program and it’s a 100 say it’s a loan a 0% interest loan which they can afford and pay back that feeds also back into the community we use local contractors we use local bidding process and so that’s pretty huge for us what would that mean

To the families of Nashua if that program were to be eliminated completely and the same goes for home I think it would it would be pretty drastic in that we use CDBG funds to do a lot of improvements in the city for those kind of for some of our public parks and rec

Spaces that we partner with local nonprofits on for example we were able to recondition a pool in one of our lowest income highest minority neighborhoods this year because the pool had significant issues and it wasn’t something that we could that was funded through regular city budget process but

Through that we were able to redo that whole pool and it will be open for that neighborhood this summer and improve the bathroom facilities so I think CDBG money comes it comes in all shapes and sizes in Nashua it comes to individuals to help them with their properties it

Goes to businesses who are able to do facade improvements who are able to access a revolving loan fund so that they can grow their business in this community and it goes to city projects that a local pool in a neighborhood that serves thousands of people over the

Summer so CDBG funds are pretty critical to us in many different ways and they aren’t they aren’t funding entire projects they’re closing the cap they’re closing critical gaps and that’s really important for those programs to exist well I want to thank you so much for taking time to speak with us today about

How CDBG and home are really vitally important funds in Nashua and helping families to live healthy stronger lives and so and thank you so much Sara thank you Emily

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