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فیلم چه چیزهای جدیدی برای ارتباط دهندگان تشریعاتی: تابستان ۲۰۱۸

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چه چیزهای جدیدی برای ارتباط دهندگان تشریعاتی: تابستان ۲۰۱۸

Title:What’s New for Legislative Liaisons: Summer 2018 در این وبینار، با پلتفرم جدید گفتگوی آنلاین و اشتراک منابع APA و برخی از سیاست های کلیدی و ابزارهای حمایتی در حال پیشرفت آشنا شوید. با سیاست و تلاش های حمایتی APA درگیر شوید: https://www.planning.org/policy/ (برچسب ها به ترجمه)انجمن برنامه ریزی آمریکا قسمتی از متن فیلم: Hello […]

Title:What’s New for Legislative Liaisons: Summer 2018

در این وبینار، با پلتفرم جدید گفتگوی آنلاین و اشتراک منابع APA و برخی از سیاست های کلیدی و ابزارهای حمایتی در حال پیشرفت آشنا شوید. با سیاست و تلاش های حمایتی APA درگیر شوید: https://www.planning.org/policy/ (برچسب ها به ترجمه)انجمن برنامه ریزی آمریکا

قسمتی از متن فیلم: Hello and welcome to today’s session on what’s immunity our legislative liaisons in summer 2018 my name is Katherine Henshaw and I am a PA state government affairs associate and what I thank you all for joining today and well we’re also joined by Sarah Marcia who would be chair of the policy and Advocacy

Committee for the chapter presidents Council and we wanted to take some time today to discuss some exciting developments for legislative liaisons coming up in the next couple of months so just to get a feel for what we’ll be talking about today first we’ll take a look at APA engage and dive into how

Your group can use this new online communications and resource sharing platform then Sarah as the chair of CPC advocacy she’ll share with you some of the resources that are in progress and then third I’ll share with you and some opportunities for legislative liaisons coming out the abbé policy and advocacy

Conference in September and then lastly we’ll have some time for questions and discussion and I would really welcome for you to share any of the updates from your legislative sessions this year successes and challenges that certainly welcome as a part of today’s discussion so to begin with some context for APA

Engage this platform was launched in the spring and APA has been working hard to get it up and running so the legislative liaisons are now officially on the platform which is really exciting and this means that you will have access to resources created specifically to aid your policy and advocacy initiatives as

Well as a place to bring related questions to the group so if you have a question about a piece of legislation or a way to approach a certain issue this platform is really the place to bring those discussions and one must note before talking about the platform itself

You’ll receive an email that will introduce you to the platform after the webinar and that’ll just give you a general overview but for today’s discussion we’re going to be focusing primarily on how the tool can be a convening point for chapters and their legislative leaders with that I’ll go ahead and point out

Two important features for your group on its platform first I think really important is the discussion feature and then second we’ll take a look at the library and so to begin with the discussion board this is where you’re going to post questions or comments much like you have done on the listserv you

May be calling for recommendation on approaches to legislation and members can reply to this with best practices and ideas and I’ll note that the discussion posts are the primary source of notification for the platform so depending on your settings you can receive notifications and a couple of different formats including every time

There’s a new post so that’s going to be a really good tool for those sort of informal conversations and then also there will be notifications there when there is a new resource posted on the platform itself so moving on to the library this is where the tools and

Resources for your reference are going to live there’s going to talk about some of these specific resources in a minute but for now I’ll do kind of an overview of the structure and its current form just to get you familiarized with it you’ll see at the beginning here is

Broken down into policy issues and advocacy tools and then if you click on the drop down arrows under policy issues and advocacy tools you can see that there are additional sub categories and the example that I’ve highlighted here is actually how you would access a resource under the housing section

Specifically looking at resources available via the planning home campaign so just as something sort of tangible for you to picture how you may access a resource right now you’ll T to the right of yours of your screen there are two links present APA Housing principles and the latest on housing and increase

Inclusive growth resources from APA these are our links themselves so they’re not they were not actually documents so that’s one note that’s a little bit different than some of the resources that you’ll have but what’s really important here is that you click on this link so if you click on latest

Housing and inclusive growth resources you’ll be brought to a page that isn’t the resource itself initially and it’s a description of what you’re looking at the file that you’re about to open and then you’ll see at the bottom the link where you can either access the webpage

Directly or in many cases that’s going to be the link to download the document and so that’s something really important in terms of mechanisms and operation and also just giving you a better picture of how you’ll be able to access the resources that will be available and so

I just wanted to kind of give you an overview of what to expect on the platform this is by no means comprehensive there are lots of ways that you can use the platform but the discussion and then the library are going to be kind of your to go choose particularly initially when you’re

Looking at pushing things out on a platform and one important thing to note here as you’re looking to see how it’s broken down by issue housing infrastructure small cell autonomous vehicles Opportunity Zones these are all issues that we’ve heard from you are important in our relevant

But this is by no means permanent we’re working with CPC advocacy and policy committee to make sure that this file structure and the resources that are put out here are truly beneficial to you and your chapters policy and advocacy initiatives so that’s something to keep in mind as this resource begins to roll

Out for you all this will change and grow as is necessary but these are some of the things that that we’re starting with here and so as you see these different issues broken down it’s important to know that you can also add a file or a link just as I did yourself

So you’ll be able to let’s say there’s a piece of legislation that per discussion on the discussion board would be really beneficial for your group as a whole to recognize and this is the place to pay this is a place to put that piece of legislation and to

Actually put that document if relevant and then from there you’ll have access to that whenever whatever necessary so um you know this is meant to be an active platform and like I said we’re working really hard with CPC advocacy and they’ve been instrumental in getting this sort of structure and concept in

Terms of policy issues and advocacy tools uploaded on the site itself so something to keep in mind is you’ll be able to work with them as this grows and evolve and so with that I’d like to go ahead and turn it over to Sarah and she

Will talk briefly about some of the work that CPC policy advocacy is doing as well as more specifically about the resources that you can expect to see here in the coming month Thank You Katherine good afternoon everybody Sarah Marsha and so just for context I’m the chapter president of the northern

New England chapter which would be Maine New Hampshire and Vermont and I am chair of the advocacy and policy committee we as a committee really focus on training chapter capacity building policy and communications and we are made up largely of chapter presidents mostly current chapter presidents and some past

Presidents that are still very interested in this topic and have some really great experience specifically on the advocacy side so over the past couple years the this committee has surveyed a lot of the different states for around the country and all the different chapters to better understand

Kind of where each group is which where each chapter is if it has a legislative an active legislative committee if it doesn’t if they have lobbyists if not you know where they are in the advocacy spectrum if they we have a committee you know is it a standing committee that is very active

Or is it kind of a come and go based on volunteers and also what kind of resources would be most important to somebody kind of trying to refocus down towards the state level and serve the chapters butter so from this information we’ve decided for the next for the

Summer I guess before the APA conference on the policy and advocacy conference this September to really focus on some resource development to make sure that we’re ready to discuss some of this and put some tools out there to add to our new platform APA engage so the these

Tools that will be coming forward are just a starting point but some best practices and tools for chapters to use again interior not looking at necessarily the federal legislation but how to be better legislative advocates at their own state level you know they’re not going to be super specific

Because we it’s hard to we don’t know the rules in every state but what we’re trying to do is give you some really good tools that you can then dive deeper on in your own state so the resources that we’re looking at the existing materials that we’re going to update

Commit to refocus back towards the state level instead of at the federal level would be the seven essentials for communicating with legislators the state planners day a how-to guide which will guide chapters through the process of having their own planners day at the State Capitol modeled very much after

Planners day on Capitol Hill and DC if any of you have not had the chance to experience that yet at the end of the policy and advocacy conference I would highly recommend it there’s so much to be learned about how to go about an effective advocacy campaign there and

You can really turn that around with this guide to looking at your own state and they it’s in draft form right now but the goal is that it’s not just to read it once the first time and then you know you should have it figured out that

This is a reference that you could keep going back to throughout your process because creating a state planners day is quite the process and then the third one would be a state legislative work book and to plan your own plan kind of a game plan a mode of attack for how you

Work your own state legislative sessions and what you’re focusing on this year or this session versus the second year of the session or how exactly that you can position yourself for future years talking a bit about the different aspects of being a good advocate at the

State level so those are the ones that someone exists that are being modified to be effective for local state resources the other set of resources were working on are brand-new and this again comes largely from requests and so it would be a guide to forming a legislative committee from the about 30%

Of our chapters don’t have any legislative committee a guide for developing annual chapter policy priorities so you have a legislative committee and you actually want to react to legislation how do you have good priorities to help that legislative committee be effective to make sure that you’re representing your membership and

Frequently asked questions on advocacy and lobbying this one will be focused on federal level advocacy and lobbying rules and regulation as they must be specific to States but it is a really important starting point to understand what you can and cannot do as an advocate first as a lobby versus a

Lobbyist and how to make sure you don’t cross those lines so all of these topics will be highlighted at the policy and advocacy conference in the state specific portion of the conference and you can find them on the APA you will be able to find them not yet on the APA

Engage of library structure as Katherine had just showed you so here are some of the other materials that we are looking to move forward with over the next year the ones I just talked about other priorities prior to the fall conference these are some of the additional materials that we have heard that

Chapters would like and could and would find very useful the tracking legislation is something that we’re actively working on as well but those are the things that are coming in the future and if you have ideas you know later in this portion as we’re in the discussion mode if you have ideas or

Materials that aren’t on this list that you think would be very helpful we’d be very open to hearing what those are and also if there’s other besides materials resources of analysts in the library that had some high level topics like housing infrastructure small cell IVs opportunity zones we are looking for

This to be a resource on topic related information so as Kathryn was saying if there’s legislation in your state that you’ve been working really hard on or fighting for or against today related to some kind of disruptive technology that we’re all facing something about err be

Of ease or something along the lines of automated vehicles or uber there would be a place that we could house legislation and examples from across the country so that if you are suddenly facing something in your state you have some places you can go to to pull some quick resources especially because so

Many things are fast turnaround in the legislative sessions so with that I’ll turn it back to Kathryn great thank you Sarah and really appreciate that helpful context about the work that you all are doing a CPC advocacy and it’s really exciting to know that these things are

Are moving forward and I’m excited for you all to have access to these great resources so kind of in connection with those resources that Sarah noted will be available by policy and advocacy conference this fall I did want to take a minute to talk about the conference

And some of the benefits that the legislative liaisons have specifically new this this year at policy and advocacy conference so some of the things for for those of you who may not have been before this year the registration will launch June 27th so that’s coming up very soon

So be on the lookout for that and it’ll be September 23rd starts on the Sunday through Tuesday September 25th so mark your calendars and watch out for that about registration launch and for you as the legislative liaison group you’ll receive a discounted rate of $95 so

That’s something to keep in mind as well as you’re looking at your availability to attend so in addition to those logistical details wanted to go over some opportunities for the first time ever this year there’s going to be state content that will be embedded into each session in addition to some state

Specific training that will go hand-in-hand with the resources that will be developed on having some experts on the ground and people who had experience with certain policy issues and certain advocacy techniques to really really engage you on that and then the second piece many of you or

Some of you were able to participate in the delegate assembly at MPC this year and engage in some of the discussions around the equity guide so at the fall and policy and advocacy conference there will be a really important discussion and debate of this planning for equity

Framework and then a policy guide update as well so having many of you been engaged on this issue previously on this is another opportunity to continue that momentum and then I’ll also mention importantly that there’s going to be an emphasis on the planning home campaign a peace housing campaign that’s going to

Include a state content specifically and so I know that this is something I’ve talked to many of you about that’s really been an issue and you’re in your states and in your local communities and so this is something that we’re highly focusing on this fall and then lastly

But certainly not least a really important part of this conference and that that’s included is the planners day on Capitol Hill so this provides you the opportunity to meet in your congressional office and talk to them about some of a piays priorities at the a level this is I think also really

Important for those of you who are considering developing a planners day at the State Capitol Sarah mentioned that there’s this guide and the works but also um in conjunction with this guide seeing it sort of play out real time at the federal level in our nation’s

Capital here in DC and can kind of serve as a real-life case study of how planners day works what a day at the Capitol can look like and really be able to bring into context some of the policy and advocacy work that you all are doing

Not just at the federal level but at the state level as well so that wraps up the sort of update and exciting development for legislative liaisons this summer but I did want to give you all some time not only to ask questions because I know a

Lot of this information is new but also to have bring forward anything that you all think would be beneficial for other legislative folks to know whether it’s something that was really challenging for your letters legislative session this year something that’s ongoing or a success certainly welcome any of these

Any of these comments logistically you can either pop a question on those on the right side of your screen in your panel or you can raise your hand and you’ll be unmuted and we can move from there so it looks like I have one question about when legislative liaisons

Are up and running on AP engage so that is now which is really exciting it’s just thought out a few days ago so you are now available as a legislative liaison to access the AP engage platform as I mentioned before you will receive an official email that welcomes you to

The site but you’ll notice here on this slide I’ve indicated that you can log in to your planning dot word account using your typical logon and when you visit my APA you’ll see the option to click on APA engage and so that will allow you to have access to the platform and then

You’ll look under my communities and that’s where you’ll find legislative liaisons so it looks like you don’t have any other questions at this time I would encourage you this webinar will be available actually on the AP engage site it’s recorded and we’ll have that uploaded for you for your reference and

For those who were not able to make it today and then I would just encourage you to let us know if there are any sort of pressing issues or as you were thinking about the ways in which you may want to engage on the platform really

Just don’t hesitate to reach out to me as I mentioned we’re looking forward to this resource development and discussion platform to be really live and active and so we’re looking forward to building this out with you and with that thank you for attending and have a great day

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